Former Auto Insurance Claims Adjuster

Paul brings a unique perspective as a former auto insurance claims adjuster at a top insurance company in California. As a former auto insurance claims adjuster, Paul was responsible for investigating the cause of the accident, evaluating all evidence, making fault determinations, settling claims, providing exemplary customer service to his insureds, and gathering all pertinent information to resolve insurance coverage disputes. 

He possesses invaluable insights into how insurance companies operate. His insider knowledge and experience as a former auto insurance adjuster set the foundation for his exceptional legal career. 

Transition into Personal Injury Law


After working for a top insurance company in California, Paul made the switch to personal injury by working as an assistant case manager. While there, Paul maximized the firm's property damage and loss of use settlements. 

After graduating from Loyola Law School, Paul began his legal career by working in the pre-litigation department. Paul's expertise in pre-litigation includes understanding the extent of his clients' injuries and damages, showing compassion to his clients while explaining the personal injury process in simple terms, communicating with insurance adjusters, and assertively negotiating settlements. If the insurance company persists with low ball offers, Paul is not afraid to go into full-blown litigation mode. He is a fervent believer in the importance of preparing each case as if it's going to trial, setting the stage for success in the courtroom.


Once Paul thrived in pre-litigation, he joined litigation to further develop his legal skills and competence. As a litigation attorney, Paul took a hands-on approach on all cases by personally handling all phases of the case, from the filing of the lawsuit to trial. 

Paul's unwavering dedication to his clients and attention to detail led to rapid growth in his legal career. Paul has litigated several types of cases (i.e. auto accidents, trucking accidents, pedestrian accidents, and wrongful death cases) and is committed to zealously representing his clients through the end. Some of his cases reached successful settlements mere weeks before trial, securing just compensation for his clients.

He is actively involved in conducting depositions of at-fault drivers, their employers, witnesses, first responders, emergency room doctors, and other medical providers to ensure the facts of the accident and his client's injuries are well-documented and preserved for the jury. 

Paul is adept at cross-examining defense witnesses, a crucial aspect of trial strategy. His thorough and assertive approach serves his clients well in challenging the opposing side's case. Paul is not afraid to object during depositions and at trial. Paul is also experienced in seeking court intervention by filing motions to compel further discovery responses and production of documents when defendants provide evasive responses and or fail to turn over crucial evidence.

About 95% cases settle before trial. However, if trial is necessary to obtain just compensation for his clients, Paul is prepared to go the distance. Paul's courtroom prowess extends to understanding the nuances of presenting a compelling case to ensure the best outcome for his clients. 

Paul quickly grew and showed promise early on as a young and ambitious lawyer. He was given the rare opportunity to second chair a trial as a 1st year associate. Paul actively participated as second-chair in a semi-truck freightliner versus passenger vehicle accident jury trial in California. At trial, the insurance company contested it all – liability, causation, and damages. Nonetheless, Paul helped secure a $14 million verdict on behalf of his clients. 

Paul understands and knows how to be trial ready. His experience includes drafting several trial documents such as meet and confer letters, motions in limine, oppositions to motions in limine, and preparing jury instructions, special jury instructions, witness and exhibit lists. Paul also prepared Plaintiff expert witnesses for trial testimony. Paul successfully argued several motions in limine and cross-examined defense witnesses at trial. These motions are critical in shaping the course of a trial, and Paul's skills in this area are an asset to his clients. 

In addition to helping obtain a $14 million jury verdict, Paul and his wife and business partner, Karla, helped secure approximately over $20 million worth of settlements at their prior law firm by strategically working up their cases. 

Paul's extensive experience and accomplishments reflect his unwavering commitment to providing top-tier legal representation to personal injury clients.

Education and Early Career 

Paul is a proud Loyola alum where he honed his legal expertise and passion for helping those in need. Paul was a law clerk in Loyola's Youth Justice Education Clinic. He passionately represented youth in Individualized Education Program (“IEP”) meetings, which resulted in Paul being awarded Loyola's Social Justice Law Clinic Outstanding Student Award. As a Youth Justice Education law clerk, he ensured California law was followed and that his clients obtained adequate accommodations. 

Paul also second-chaired a felony trial with the Riverside Public Defender's Office. He actively participated in jury selection, led the cross-examination of a key witness police officer, and was involved with trial strategy. Paul was also in court daily handling arraignments, pleas, and speaking with judges and the district attorney.

Outside of work, Paul enjoys traveling, trying out new restaurants, watching sports, and spending time with his wife and two daughters.